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Catago SS'22 Fir-Tech Elegant Show deken

Fir-Tech Elegant Show Blanket from the Catago summer collection. The rug has in the back section Synthermax fibrefill which covers the most important muscle groups. This back section has a lining material with woven ceramic particles which give an advanced double action effect whereby the body heat is reflected deep into the tissue. The blanket is ideal for improving well-being, shortening the recovery period and warming up the muscles, tendons and joints - before and after paddock, training and competition. The blanket has an optimal fit, removable belly rings, an elegant front closure with a T-buckle covered by a flap and a soft faux fur protection at the withers. The outer fabric of the blanket has a beautiful satin look which, combined with the elegant piping, gives the blanket an elegant and luxurious look.

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Catago SS'22 Fir-Tech Elegant Show deken

Material : 100% polyester Filling : Synthermax fiberfilling

Lining : Polyester + ceramic

  • Synthermax fibrefill
  • Ceramic particles
  • Promotes recovery
  • Optimal fit
  • Removable belly rings
  • Faux fur on the withers
  • Beautiful satin look
  • Elegant and luxurious look
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Brand Catago
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