Cavalleria Toscana FW'23 Circular Quilted Jersey Dressage Saddle Pad

This saddle pad is made from technical jersey, which provides breathability to ensure maximum comfort for the horse. The anatomic design offers the right fit, while the 3D honeycomb cotton structure provides the right grip and mantains breathability. The circular-quilted saddle pad is refined by a contrasting embroidered logo on the left side. The easy care material offers antibacterial properties and can be machine washed.

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  • Made of technical jersey
  • Provides breathability for maximum horse comfort
  • Anatomical design for the right fit
  • 3D cotton honeycomb structure for grip and breathability
  • Circular padded saddle pad
  • Contrasting embroidered logo on the left side
  • Easy-care material with antibacterial properties
  • Can be machine washed.
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Brand Cavalleria Toscana
Saddle pad model Dressage
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