Cavalleria Toscana SS'23 Cotton Puff Sleeve CT Emblem T-shirt Women

The Cotton Puff Sleeve CT Crest T-Shirt is a perfect clothing item for spring and summer. Made with high quality materials, this T-shirt has puff sleeves, an elegant and trendy detail. The pastel color gives a touch of delicacy, perfect for creating refined and feminine outfits. The CT badge gives the shirt a touch of style and personality. Furthermore, the logo becomes a decorative quirk that matches perfectly with the softness of the fabric. The Cotton Puff Sleeve CT Crest T-Shirt is a versatile and stylish option for any wardrobe.

The shirt is available in navy (7901) and light green (5L00)

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- Breathable
- Bi-stretch
- Easy care
- Anti bacterial
- Fast drying
- Anti-UV

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Brand Cavalleria Toscana
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