COVID-19 Update: We ship orders daily and our shop is open at the usual times, some out of stock items may have a longer delivery time than indicated.

Measures concerning the Coronavirus

  • The shop and webshop are open, extra hygiene measures are taken for employees and customers.
  • If longer delivery times apply, we try to update them as much as possible on the website or inform you quickly.
  • When items are not in stock delivery times could be longer than indicated on the website.
  • We ask you to use a debit- or creditcard in the shop.
  • We ask you to limit the fitting / touching of clothing in the shop as much as possible but to ask for help from an employee.
  • The delivery of parcels will continue as usual, the deliverer may ask for your identification and sign it himself.
  • We ask you to limit ordering multiple items to try on / try on with the intention to return.
  • We will be generous with the return period so that you can choose a quiet time to return the package.
  • We will try to help you with your purchases as responsibly and hygienically as possible.
  • If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact customer service.