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Rambo - Fly rugs

Horseware's first model is the Rambo rug. These super strong rugs are available in several models. The Rambo outer rugs are made of 1000 D Ballistic Nylon. This is super strong material and almost impossible to break! Ballistic Nylon is also used for bulletproof vests. This is the outer layer of such a vest.
The inner lining of the Rambo rugs are made of polyester. This is anti bacterial, does not become static and makes your horse shine under the blanket. The filling is called ''thermobonded fibrefill''. This means that the filling always stays airy and is equally warm in all places. Even if your horse lies down and gets a pressure point in the filling, when the blanket lies down again the pressure point pulls out too!

All Rambo rugs feature three cross surcingles and a 'V' front closure. Because of the softer inner lining, the Rambo rugs will not chafe at shoulders or withers.
The Rambo stable rugs are made of 1000 D Ripstop material. This ensures that when a hole occurs the fabric does not tear further.

In the summer, a horse can be very bothered by flies and gnats. A fly rug can then be a godsend! Fly rugs are made of a firm mesh fabric so the fly cannot irritate the skin of the horse and the rug breathes enough during the summer months. Because the fly rug moves over the horse's body it makes it difficult for the fly to land at all. Fly rugs with zebra print have an additional disorienting effect and are therefore more fly repellent than rugs without zebra print (source).

How do you recognize if the horse is suffering from flies?
A horse that is bothered by flies can behave restless by, for example, shaking its head a lot, wagging its tail or stamping or kicking its feet.

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