Overreach boots

Harry's Horse has been supplying the finest products to enjoy all the beauty that the equestrian sport has to offer since 1974. 

Harry's Horse is able to translate trends into progressive concepts and ultimately a very useful end product. Our aim is always to give you access to the latest developments in materials, safety, fit and function.

The products are constantly changing to meet the increasingly stringent requirements and high expectations of the consumer. The market is in motion and so is Harry's Horse®.

Overreach boots are designed to prevent the kicking off of the front shoes. Overreach boots are also used to protect the hoof and hoof balls during jumping. 

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  1. Harry's Horse Overreachboots Pro-low
    As low as €24.71
  2. Harry's Horse Overreach Boots BamBooBoot
    As low as €16.46
  3. Harry's Horse Overreach Boots Excellent
    As low as €18.71
  4. Harry's Horse Overreach Boots Tapp
    As low as €18.71
  5. Harry's Horse Overreach boots tiny neoprene
    As low as €14.96
  6. Harry's Horse Rubber Over Reach Boots
    As low as €9.71
  7. Harry's Horse Neoprene bell boots brushed black
    As low as €22.46