LeMieux has a wide range of trendy products made from technical materials. LeMieux is especially popular because of the Loire and Pro-Sport saddle pads which fit very well under the saddle and are available in many different colours! All the saddle pads have a 100% natural, sustainable bamboo lining which is very effective at regulating heat and wicking away sweat. The high withers design ensures the best possible comfort for the horse.

In addition, LeMieux has an extensive range of leg protection, riding clothes, girths, stirrups and rugs. The user's preferences are always at the forefront of design, with safety, comfort and fashion in mind.

StudRevolutionary shaped, self-cleaning studs. Made from hardened steel.

Tacx is a leading manufacturer of cycling sport products — a market leader in the field of fitness trainers and water bottles (cages). Is a pioneer in the field of innovation, in a time when technological developments affect our daily life. Under the name ‘Tacx for Horses’ Tacx introduces a revolutionary shaped stud for the equestrian sport.

Produced from hardened steel, Tacx studs have an excellent price / quality relation and a number of unique properties. The hardened steel ensures an extended lifespan, the special groove in the screw thread makes the product very easy to use, and has a self-cleaning function. Before mounting the stud, it is necessary to remove only most of the dirt out of the stud hole. The remaining dirt will be picked up by the groove, so turning the studs into the holes goes very easy and quick. It is not necessary to tap the hole in advance. Using the Tacx Ratchet spanner makes mounting the studs even easier. With the special Tacx Cleaning stylus, most of the dirt can be removed out of the stud hole. Tacx studs are available in different models and sizes.

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