Tendon boots with fur

At Zandona, they strongly believe in protecting your passion for horse riding. The Italian brand offers high-quality protective equipment of excellent quality, allowing you to protect yourself and your horse optimally in every discipline. With a combination of innovation, experience, and continuous technical improvements, they strive to deliver products that excel in quality, performance, style, and comfort.

Zandona has a rich history that begins in 1985, based in one of the world's most important industrial districts, where they engaged in research and development of solutions for plastics technology. Since 1997, they specialized in personal protective equipment (PPE) and introduced their products worldwide in 2001. Since 2011, Zandona has actively participated in the equestrian world and rapidly positioned itself as a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the field of PPE. Zandona products are exclusively designed, certified, and produced in Italy.


Tendon guards are used to protect the tendons in the front leg. Some horses tap the hind hoofs against the front leg, this can cause serious injuries. Tendon protectors help prevent these injuries.

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  1. Zandona Tendon Boots Action Techno-Fur
    As low as €79.90
  2. Zandona Tendon Boots Carbon Air Techno-Fur
    As low as €149.90
  3. Zandona Tendon Boots Elite Air Sensitive+
    As low as €249.90
  4. Zandona Carbon Air Sensitive+ Tendon Boots
    As low as €169.90