Winter rugs

Winter blankets protect your pony or horse from colder temperatures and rain during the fall and winter. All our winter rugs are fully waterproof and come with a minimum of 1 year warranty. Do not wait too long with a winter blanket, when the R is back in the month it is smart to check if the temperature already allows you to put on a blanket. During very cold nights, a fleece blanket or stable blanket can be used as an extra underblanket.

Not sure about the size? Please consult our blog or contact one of our employees.

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10 Items
  1. Rhino Wug Vari-Layer Medium 250g
    As low as €195.96
  2. Rhino Plus Heavy Vari-Layer Plus 450g
    As low as €239.96
  3. Rhino Plus Reflectech Vari-Layer 250g
    As low as €233.56
  4. Rhino HexSTOP Plus 250g
    As low as €233.56
  5. Rhino Original Turnout Medium Vari-Layer 250g
    As low as €175.96
  6. Rhino Original Vari-Layer Medium 250gr Charcoal/Blue/White check & charcoal
    As low as €151.96
  7. Rhino Wug Vari-Layer Lite 100g
    As low as €189.56
  8. Rhino Wug Vari-Layer Heavy 450g
    As low as €223.16
  9. Rhino Medium Vari-Layer Plus 250g
    As low as €218.36
  10. Rhino Pony Plus Medium 200g
    As low as €159.96