Half pads

Made in Germany. Harmony between horse and rider with a saddle or bridle by Passier. Passier saddles and bridles are handmade from high quality European quality leather, which is strong and very durable. The bridles are available in different models in various sizes and colours. Every Passier saddle is unique. Comfortable for the horse because of the flexible saddle tree and a wide cushion channel. Comfortable for the rider because of the excellent seating comfort. A fitting saddle for every combination. Passier, traditionally a saddler, has grown into a producer of exclusive equestrian products. Passier was founded in 1867.

The fit of a saddle that fits the horse well can be refined by using a saddle pad to make it even more comfortable for the horse. A saddle pad can better distribute the weight of the saddle and rider across the back and provide shock absorption

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