Equiline - Airbags

Design, timeless elegance, innovation, technology, sustainability and made in Italy. Equiline strongly believes in the importance of choosing technical, breathable and natural fabrics. Equiline's craftsmanship and research into innovative and high quality materials allow for the creation of sophisticated riding gear that offers the rider maximum comfort with a touch of Italian style.

Airbags are a relatively new addition to equestrian sports and work by means of an inflatable cushion worn under the riding jacket. The cushion is inflated as soon as sensors detect that the rider is falling, protecting the upper body. Airbags provide a very high level of protection, but they need to be regularly checked and maintained. To prevent serious injury, the airbag vest is activated very quickly before the collision, protecting the alignment of the torso: back, lumbar region, neck, cervical spine, ribcage, pelvis, and sacrum. Cartridges can be purchased separately that can be placed back into the airbag after the fall to reuse it.

The Freejump X'Air Safe airbag back protector is the first body protector with an integrated airbag that provides 8 times better protection than a body protector alone, and 4 times better protection than a body protector with an airbag on top!

Did you know that we have a special selection of competition jackets from top brands like Equiline, Vestrum, Cavalleria Toscana, and Samshield that are airbag compatible? These jackets are designed to be worn over an airbag. Thanks to the technical stretch fabrics, they can comfortably stretch when the airbag is activated, without tearing.

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  1. Equiline Belair Unisex Airbag Vest
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