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Lucky Horse is known for its Unicorn which comes back on all products. The Unicorn, the fairy-like animal that symbolizes magic, power, health and happiness. The Unicorn is central to the cheerful product line of Lucky Horse.

The colorful design combined with the quality products makes a real horse party for every horse girl!

Ever dreamed of jumping over obstacles, brushing your horse and tacking it up? With hobby horsing, you can do it all, and all you need is a hobby horse! At HypoStore, you can dress up and take care of your Hobby Horse exactly as you wish! Choose from our range of bridles, ear bonnets, halters, blankets and interchangeable browband sets to give your Hobby Horse a unique style. After a great performance, reward yourself with a rosette - just like in real equestrian sports!

Hobby horsing is a growing hobby where participants can unleash their imagination of owning, riding, and caring for their own horse. Using a hobby horse is an affordable and accessible way to practice equestrian sports, without the costs of a real horse, equipment, or lessons.

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