Sprenger dynamic RS single jointed eggbutt pony bit 14mm

The Sprenger Dynamic bits are known for their hinges which are rotated 45 degrees forward to ensure an even distribution of pressure over both tongue sides. 

Dynamic RS bits are recommended for horses that are overactive in the mouth, play too much with the tongue and therefore do not respond to signals from the double jointed bits.

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The eggbutt bit:

The eggbutt bit is a basic bit in which the rings cannot move separately from the mouthpiece, making the rein aids more sharply effective than with a water snaffle. They are available in single jointed, double jointed or barbed versions with or without a port. 

The Dynamics RS bits from Sprenger:

The Dynamics RS bits from Sprenger are known for their anatomical shape. Due to the anatomical shape, the bit lies perfectly in the mouth encouraging the horse to chew on the bit and accept the bit faster. 

The Sensogan bits from Sprenger:

Sensogan is composed of 75% copper, 13% manganese and 12% zinc. Due to this composition, the material oxidizes dosed. The oxidation creates a pleasant taste, making the horse more likely to accept the bit and relax. In addition, it stimulates salivation. Sensogan helps reduce stress and has the added advantage of being less prone to discoloration, making it maintenance friendly. Sensogan bits are recognizable by the black circles on the end. In one of these circles is an arrow. This arrow should point forward on the left side of the horse's mouth.

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Brand Sprenger
Bit thickness 14mm
Side pieces D-Ring
Mouth pieces Jointed
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