Bucas Recuptex

What is special about the Bucas Recuptex blankets?

The special and patented Recuptex fabric is integrated in the Bucas Recuptex, a special material that stimulates blood circulation in the body through magnetic fields. The Recuptex blanket ensures a better blood circulation and oxygen supply which, for example, can ensure:

  • Supporting the natural healing process in case of injuries
  • Reduction of swelling or inflammation
  • An overall better condition of the muscles
  • More relaxed muscles

What are your experiences with the Bucas Recuptex?

We are extremely satisfied with the operation of the Bucas blankets and most HypoStore employees use the blankets on a daily basis. In addition, we have now sold the Recuptex blankets hundreds of times and have received almost exclusively very positive reactions. This is also one of the reasons why this blanket is so popular today. The users of the blanket are very satisfied with the results and pass this on to acquaintances.

How to use?

The Bucas Recuptex Therapy blanket can be used separately but can also be used under another Bucas blanket with the liner system. We recommend not to leave the blanket longer than 2 hours on first use and to increase the length of time slowly as desired.

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  1. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Navy / Orange
    As low as €125.10
  2. Bucas Recuptex Quarter sheet
    As low as €98.10
  3. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Pony Navy / Orange
    As low as €125.10
  4. Bucas Recuptex Therapy
    As low as €175.50
  5. Bucas Recuptex Combi Neck
    As low as €80.91
  6. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Turnout Medium
    As low as €315.00
  7. Recuptex dog rug
    As low as €44.91
  8. Bucas Recuptex Light Combi Neck
    As low as €80.91
  9. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Walker
    As low as €189.00
  10. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Turnout Combi Neck
    As low as €129.00
  11. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Turnout Light
    As low as €299.00
  12. Bucas Recuptex Dog Bed Topper
    As low as €40.41
  13. Bucas Recuptex Saddle Pad
    As low as €116.10
  14. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Light
    As low as €175.50
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