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Amigo rugs

The Horseware Amigo blankets offer a very good fit and quality for a relatively low price. The Amigo Hero 6 blankets are made of 600D polyester and the Amigo Bravo 12 blankets are made of 1200D polyester and have extra features such as fastening points for a neck and liner. In addition, there are special variants available such as the XL blankets for horses that tend to be wider across the shoulders and Amigo Plus blankets which are supplied including detachable neck.
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  1. Amigo Walker
    As low as €68.00
  2. Amigo Hero 600D Lite 0g Ripstop
    As low as €62.96
  3. Amigo Hero 900 Plus Medium 200g
    As low as €118.76
  4. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite 0g
    As low as €112.46
  5. Amigo Evolution Aqua / Orange
    As low as €130.46
  6. Amigo Hero 900 Lite 50g - Disc Front
    As low as €89.96
  7. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite - Disc front
    As low as €125.96
  8. Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Lite 0gr Navy
    As low as €142.16
  9. Amigo Bravo 12 Hood
    As low as €45.56
  10. Amigo Bravo 12 Pony Plus Lite
    As low as €113.36
  11. Amigo AmEco 12 Plus Turnout
    As low as €152.96
  12. Amigo Hero 900 Lite 0g - Disc Front
    As low as €80.96
  13. Amigo Net Cooler
    As low as €42.26
  14. Amigo Pony Plus Medium 200g
    As low as €94.46
  15. Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Medium 250g - Reflectech
    As low as €188.96
  16. Amigo Bravo 12 Medium 250g
    As low as €132.26
  17. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite Navy/ Electric Blue
    As low as €133.16
  18. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite 100gr
    As low as €152.96
  19. Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Bundle 50gr outer + 100gr Liner + 300gr Liner Dark Navy with Electric blue & Navy
    As low as €269.96
  20. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite 100g
    As low as €125.96
  21. Amigo Bravo 12 Plus 100g - Reflectech
    As low as €184.46
  22. Amigo Hero 600D Plus 100g Ripstop
    As low as €98.06
  23. Amigo Hero 900 Plus - Disc Front
    As low as €125.96
  24. Amigo Hero 900 Lite Net Lining 0g
    As low as €89.96
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Items 1-24 of 91

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