Amigo Camofly

This Amigo Camofly fly rug has a special pattern to disorient flies. In addition, this rug is equipped with a removable neck, disc closure, UV-resistant fabric and connections for Horseware liners.

The monochrome pattern can be a simple way to protect horses by discouraging flies from landing on their bodies.

The layered black lines on a grey background create an optical illusion in the eye of a fly. It breaks up the shape of the horse so that insects have trouble recognising it as a target.

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  • Unique print camouflages the horse from pesky insects and flies
  • Polyester mesh breathable and UV resistant fabric
  • Shine-enhancing lining for shoulders, mane and tail, prevents rubbing and promotes a healthy coat
  • Removable neck
  • Adjustable to your horse and the weather conditions by Horseware liner system
  • Patented disc closure
  • Leg cutouts
  • 3 belly rings
  • Extra large belly and tail flap
  • 65% UV protection
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Brand Amigo
Rug type Fly rug
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