Eventing & Cross

Eventing & Cross

If you're planning to participate in eventing & cross, there are several essential items you need to ensure a safe and successful ride. At HypoStore, we understand the importance of having the right equipment, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of equestrian items specially designed for this discipline. From body protectors to leg protection and special helmets without a peak, we have everything you need to ride safely and successfully.

A body protector is mandatory during eventing & cross because it protects you from possible injuries while riding. The body protector provides extra protection for vital organs and the spine, minimizing the risk of injury during a fall or collision. Therefore, wearing a body protector is essential to safely participate in this challenging discipline. The Freejump X'Air Safe airbag back protector is the first body protector with an integrated airbag that offers 8 times better protection than a body protector alone, and 4 times better protection than a body protector with an airbag on top!

Good leg protection is also crucial during jumping and cross-country riding. It provides protection against scratches and bumps, does not absorb water, repels dirt, and must be breathable. Leg protection can also help protect the horse's tendons and joints from overloading.

Special helmets without a peak are also a must-have for eventing riders. The caps provide extra protection to the head during riding over obstacles and rough terrain. The absence of a peak ensures that the cap is less likely to get caught on a branch or obstacle, reducing the risk of injury.

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  1. QHP Soundless ears for earnet
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  2. Freejump X'Air airbag back protector
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  3. QHP Eventing leg protector front legs Technical
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  4. Sir Lancelot 8-point Fit body protector
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