Amigo Hero rugs

Amigo ACY

The Amigo Hero 900 blanket with the new 900D fabric! This blanket is very light weight and extremely breathable. The Amigo Hero 900 is made of 900D air conditioned polyester fabric.

This means that in the production process under a large amount of pressure air is pressed through fabric, making the blanket very strong, exceptionally breathable, lightweight and still 100% waterproof.

In addition, the Hero 600D is now available, these blankets are made of 600D polyester and have an attractive price.

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  1. Amigo Hero 900 Revive Plus 50g
    As low as €149.95
  2. Amigo Hero Ripstop Plus - Limited Edition
    As low as €99.95
  3. Amigo Hero 600D Plus Lite 0g Ripstop
    As low as €119.00
  4. Amigo Hero 6 Petite Plus Lite
    As low as €83.95
  5. Amigo Hero 600D 200g Ripstop
    As low as €110.95
  6. Amigo Hero 600D Plus 100g Ripstop
    As low as €132.95
  7. Amigo Hero 600D 50g Ripstop - Fleece Lining
    As low as €107.97
  8. Amigo Hero 600D 50g Ripstop
    As low as €93.95
  9. Amigo Hero 900 Lite 50g
    As low as €119.95
  10. Amigo Hero 900 Plus Lite 0g
    As low as €148.95
  11. Amigo Hero 900 Revive Plus 200g
    As low as €169.95
  12. Amigo Hero Ripstop Hood
    As low as €45.95