Eczema rugs

Eczema rugs

Some horses may have a severe allergic reaction to insect stings. In most cases, this is an allergic reaction to the saliva of the Culicoïdes Robertii mosquito, also known as midges. Horses get severe itching at the base of the tail and mane, therefore this allergic reaction is also called tail and mane eczema (SME). 

With timely use of an eczema rug, you can keep the itching of your horse well under control. We advise to put on an eczema rug at temperatures above 10 degrees when your horse suffers from SME. An eczema rug is made of a dense breathable fabric that the midges can't pierce and covers the horse's body, legs and head. Eczema rugs often have an extra long tail flap and belly flap to give the horse optimal protection.

If your horse does show signs of itching such as excessive rubbing, there are also remedies to relieve this itching and to care for any wounds.

Some examples are:

  • Cavalor Sw-Itch
  • NAF D-Itch supplement 
  • NAF D-Itch Ointment
  • Efrata Dead Sea Gel 
  • Sectolin Sweetitch 
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  1. MASTER Zebra UV Eczema Rug
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  2. Rambo Petite Hoody
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  3. QHP Eczema Rug hoodie
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  4. QHP Eczema rug Icelandic
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  5. QHP Eczema rug Big Neck
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  7. QHP Eczema Neck Cover
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  8. QHP Eczema Mask
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  9. QHP Eczema rug
    As low as €64.95
  10. WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Sweet Itch Shield Combo Neck White/Blue
    As low as €100.00
  11. Amigo Ripstop Hoody
    As low as €114.95
  12. Busse Eczeem Hals Extensive Zip
    As low as €42.90