Body protectors

Body protectors

Safety is always a top priority for riders. Whether you ride recreationally or professionally, we have the right equipment to keep you safe. At HypoStore, we understand this and offer a wide selection of body protectors, back protectors, and airbags to protect you in the event of a fall. With top brands like Freejump, Sir Lancelot, eQuick, and Seaver SAFEFIT, you can trust that you are getting the best protection.

A body protector is a protective vest that covers the upper body and is often used in eventing and jumping. It protects the spine, ribs, vital organs, and shoulders. Body protectors come in different sizes for both children and adults.

A back protector is designed to protect only the spine and is often used for road or track riding. It offers less protection than a body protector but may be more comfortable for the rider.

Airbags are a relatively new addition to equestrian sports and work through an inflatable cushion worn under the riding jacket. The cushion inflates once sensors detect that the rider is falling, protecting the upper body. Airbags provide a very high level of protection but must be regularly checked and maintained. The Freejump X'Air Safe airbag back protector is the first body protector with an integrated airbag that provides 8 times better protection than a body protector alone, and 4 times better protection than a body protector with an airbag on top!

At HypoStore, we offer a wide range of body protectors, back protectors, and airbags to meet the different needs of riders. Our experts are always ready to advise you on which protection is best for you.

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  1. Seaver SAFEFIT Airbag Vest
    As low as €499.00
  2. Freejump Airbag
    As low as €595.00
  3. Sir Lancelot 8-point Fit body protector
    As low as €129.95
  4. Equiline Belair Unisex Airbag Vest
    As low as €550.00
  5. Freejump Airbag child
    As low as €595.00
  6. Harry's Horse Back Protector
    As low as €61.46
  7. Freejump X'Air airbag back protector
    As low as €849.00