Back on Track Cooling Dog Coat

The Cool on Track™ dog coat cools the dog. The coat is made of a high technology material from Back on Track®.
The Back on Track® Cooling Dog coat absorbs a lot of water. In order to evaporate, the fabric needs heat. This heat comes from the dog, thus cooling the dog.
The temperature of Cool on Track™ drops by about 6 degrees.
To make the jacket ready for use again, adding just a little water is enough.
Without chemicals and without freezer.

Let excessively warm dogs drink and cool down slowly, first the legs and belly, then the rest.

Cool with Cool on Track™ in three steps:
1 Immerse in water
2 Squeeze excess water from the fabric
3 Ready for cooling

The Back on Track® Cooling Dog coat has a flexible, size-adjustable closure.
Unfolded, it can also serve as a cooling mat.
For optimal cooling effect, do not use the coat together with other coats.


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  • Cools the dog
  • Technological material
  • Chemical-free and freezer-free
  • Flexible, size-adjustable, closure
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Brand Back on Track
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