Belpo Leather Spray

Belpo Liquid Saddle Soap: The ultimate 2-in-1 solution for efficiently cleaning and nourishing leather. This remarkable product offers a dual function - quick leather cleaning combined with nourishing care.

Composed of a combination of Belpolon leather oil and traditional Belgian soap, it is exceptionally suitable for rapid application to saddles, horse tack, bridles, riding boots and a whole range of leather items. The quick and even drying process (quick dry) ensures that the leather emerges both nourished and impeccably clean, further enhancing its durability and allure.

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Belpo Leder Spray


Step 1:

Gently shake the bottle first to allow the soap and oil to mix harmoniously, assuring you of superior quality.

Step 2:

With the elements mixed harmoniously, apply the liquid saddle spray to the soiled item for thorough and effective cleaning.

Step 3:

Finally, take a soft cloth and make a final sweeping motion to reveal clean and beautifully polished leather goods that exude timeless allure.

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Brand Belpo
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