BR tendon boots Country Tech hind legs

BR's Country Tech tendon guards offer optimal protection to the hind legs thanks to their snug fit and hard PU outer shell. The breathable Airflow TPG foam, together with the ventilation holes, ensures good air flow. The lining ensures good moisture regulation and shock absorption. These luxury tendon pads have no less than four handy quick fasteners with an elastic band. This makes the protectors very quick to attach or remove. 

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  • Country Tech tendon protectors from BR
  • Optimal protection of the hind legs
  • Good fit
  • Hard PU outer shell
  • Airflow TPG foam
  • Ventilation holes
  • Good air flow
  • Good moisture regulation
  • Good shock absorption
  • Four handy quick fasteners with an elastic band
  • Very quick to put on or take off
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Brand BR
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