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Bucas Dublin Halter Navy/Orange

The Bucas Dublin halter in the colour Navy/Orange matches perfectly with the Bucas Recuptex rugs. This is a very comfortable halter because of the extra thick padded noseband and soft headpiece. This prevents pressure and chafing. The halter is easy to close with a sturdy carabiner on a specially shaped ring. Furthermore, the Bucas Dublin halter is very well adjustable.

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This Bucas halter in the colour navy/orange matches perfectly with the Bucas Recuptex rugs. Furthermore, the Bucas halters offer the highest possible comfort for the horse while the halters are very strong. The nosebelt and headpiece are very softly padded and prevent chafing.

The halter also has specially shaped rings which rub less against the skin. The karabiner to close the halter is not sensitive to weather influences and always remains easy to use.

The noseband, throatband and headband of the foal halter are adjustable. Of the other sizes, only the headpiece is adjustable.


  • Soft padding
  • Very strong
  • Carabiner not sensitive to moisture or dirt
  • Ergonomically shaped rings
  • Spaciously adjustable
  • Colour: Navy/Orange
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Brand Bucas
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