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Cavalor Fiberforce 15kg

High-fibre muesli for a balanced intestinal function
Unique blend of high quality and easily digestible fibres: Alfalfa(alfalfa)-pellets, alfalfa stems 8%, teffpellets, beet pulp. More fibre = better digestion + avoid gastro-intestinal complaints.

Enriched with herbs, pro- and prebiotics
Supports the intestinal fllora and restores general intestinal health Strengthens natural immumnity = better skin|coat condition, better performance and better protection

Low in starch 5% and sugar 3%
Maintains low blood glucose and insulin levels, therefore it’s safe for horses prone to metabolic diseases.

Energy from fat and fibre Slow energy release – long-lasting energy High-quality fat – easy to digest

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linseed husks | alfalfa stems | alfalfa | sunflower seed feed | soya oil | spelt hulls | oat hulls | peas | linseed |
dried beet pulp | cane molasses | rice bran | monocalcium phosphate | sodium chloride | maize gluten
feed | calcium carbonate | fructo-oligosaccharides

Per 100kg BW 500g Fiberforce

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Brand Cavalor
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