Cavalor ProBreed Mix 20kg

Protection of the natural immunity of the mare
Pre- and probiotics for a good intestinal function Ingredients – good absorption and high digestibility

Balanced composition for an even growth of the foal
High protein content – development and growth of the embryo | foal for recovery of mare after pregnancy Sufficiently balanced energy for the mare

Rich in minerals and trace elements
Ca:P:Mg for good bone development and lactation Cu:Zn:Mn for proper development of cartilage & joints and for the mare because of protein digestion and build-up of resistance

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Alfalfa | wheat middlings | oats | expanded barley | expanded maize | soya feed (produced from genetically
modified soya) | wheat bran | barley flakes | linseed | beet molasses | wheat gluten feed | sunflower seed feed
| soya bean hulls (produced from genetically modified soya) | toasted soya beans | wheat | spelt bran | soya
fibre | wheat feed | calcium carbonate | maize gluten feed | sodium chloride | soya oil, broken oil seeds

per 100 kg BW : Min. 300 g – Max. 500 g (mare)
Min. 200 g – Max. 300 g (foal)

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Brand Cavalor
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