Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit Gift Set

Discover the unique Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit Gift Set, a specially assembled range of six high-quality grooming products. This set, delivered in a limited edition tin storage box, provides you with everything you need for the optimal care of your horse.

The set includes:

  1. Detangler & Shine (30ml): Untangles and makes the coat shine with ease.

  2. Rosewater Shampoo (60ml): Gently cleans and adds shine to the coat.

  3. Rosewater Conditioner (60ml): Hydrates and softens the skin and coat.

  4. Shine In Yellowout Shampoo (60ml): This shampoo brightens and removes yellow stains from the coat.

  5. Greenspot Remover (100ml): An effective solution for removing stubborn stains.

  6. Super Bodyshine (100ml): Gives the coat a long-lasting, superior shine.


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Benefits of using Cowboy Magic products:

  • The products penetrate deeply into the coat, giving it extra firmness and shine.
  • This deep penetration results in less hair loss.
  • The products are not greasy and repel dirt, dust, and sand.
  • They restore the original hair color of your horse.
  • Your horse's hair will not dry out after treatment with these products.
  • Cowboy Magic products are safe to use on both humans and animals, thanks to extensive dermatological testing.

Experience the magic of Cowboy Magic with this Grooming Kit Gift Set!

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