EquiBeNe S11 Solarium

The EquiBeNe S11 Solarium is an affordable and quality solution for horse care.

  • Lightweight (14 kg), fully aluminum design with 4 mounting eyes.
  • 11 red Philips 150w IR lamps, easily connectable to a standard 230v outlet.
  • 2-year warranty (excluding lamps), CE compliant, and protected during transport.
  • Quick and easy assembly (within 10 minutes), with an option for additional fans.

The benefits for horses include reduced risk of injury, improved blood circulation, faster warming and cooling, support during winter months, quick drying, shinier coat, and faster recovery after exertion. This makes the S11 solarium a valuable investment for horse stables.

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Features of the S11 from EquiBeNe:

  • Lightweight: only 14 kg
  • Fully made of aluminum, top closed
  • 4 mounting eyes
  • 11 red Philips 150w IR lamps
  • Connect to a normal 230v outlet, plug in and ready!
  • 2-meter cable
  • 2-year warranty (excluding lamps)
  • CE conform
  • Protected with foil for transport
  • Delivered in a cardboard box with an additional wooden frame
  • Fast delivery guaranteed by our constant stock
  • Assembled in 5 minutes
  • Package contents: Solarium, Lamps, Power supply

Cost of using an S11 solarium: The average electricity cost in Europe per kilowatt hour is €0.40. An average 20-minute session costs only €0.22 (€0.40/h divided by 1000 x 1650 Watt/h for the S11 x 20 minutes).

Why buy a Solarium for your horses?

  • Reduced risk of injury: The heat penetrates both superficial and deeper tissues, stimulating blood circulation, cell metabolism, and muscle relaxation.
  • Easier to warm up and cool down: A 20-minute session before work is ideal for warming up the horse's muscles.
  • Maintaining performance during winter: Light therapy helps horses physically and mentally cope with winter work.
  • Increased blood circulation: Particularly beneficial where the saddle and rider's weight reduce blood flow to the back muscles.
  • Fast drying: Effective in quickly drying horses, especially in winter.
  • Shiny coat: Stimulates the production of natural oils in the coat.
  • Faster healing and recovery: Promotes tissue healing and repair, which helps save on veterinary costs.

A horse solarium is thus a valuable investment for many stables!

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