FreeJump Soft'Up Pro+ Stirrup

The Nice earodynamic safety stirrup form Freejump the Soft'up Pro+. It is made of hardened steel out of one piece. The sole has a good grip and is replaceable. the SOFT’UP PRO+ features a platform extended by 1.6 cm (27% enlarged) which allows an exceptional foot touch in combination with the shocks’ absorption capabilities of the spring steel.

This stirrup distinguishes itself with its unique flexible arm attached near the footbed. Although this design provides extra safety, it is important to note that due to this mechanism, the stirrup may be somewhat harder to open compared to other safety stirrups with an arm that fully opens.

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FreeJump Soft'Up Pro+ beugel
  • Tempered spring steel single-branch with extra high mechanical resistance (1200 MPa). Elastollan®overmoulding
  • Open eye for fastening to the single-strap freejump stirrup leather. 45° angled eye for a perfect foot position
  • Patented exible outer branch made of Elastollan® 
  • Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope
  • Rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge for better lateral stability
  • Made in France
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Brand Freejump
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