Horseware Tech Comfort Dressage Pad

This beautiful saddle pad offers the design and performance you can expect from the Horseware® brand. The Horseware® Tech Comfort Pad provides ultimate comfort for your horse under the saddle, thanks to technical fabric innovation and design, allowing both of you to ride comfortably.

Designed to support saddle stability, the Horseware® Tech Comfort Pad reduces the need for an extra half pad due to the shaped reinforced section that sits directly under the rider on top and acts as an integrated half pad. A silicone layer under the saddle also provides anti-slip properties and stability, giving you a saddle pad that serves the function of a half pad without the bulk or risk of shifting.

Made from a technical woven fabric with a lightweight construction, this saddle pad is highly breathable with moisture-wicking properties to prevent overheating and maximize airflow under the saddle. It's a valuable addition to your saddle pad collection or for when you need extra support, such as when waiting for a saddle fitting appointment, experiencing a change in shape, or muscle loss after a period of rest.

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  • Beautiful saddle pad from Horseware® with top design and performance.
  • Horseware® Tech Comfort Pad provides ultimate comfort under the saddle with technical innovation.
  • Supports saddle stability and replaces the need for an extra half pad.
  • Shaped reinforced section acts as an integrated half pad under the rider.
  • Silicone layer provides anti-slip and stability.
  • Made from lightweight, breathable technical woven fabric.
  • Moisture-wicking properties prevent overheating.
  • Ideal for additional support during saddle fitting appointments, shape changes, or muscle loss after a resting period.
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Brand Horseware
Saddle pad model Dressage
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