KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Textile Multi-Polish Polo black

The CROMO 2.0 model is the evolution of the Cromo helmet. Also available in different finishes and color variations, CROMO 2.0 gives the rider access to further independent customization options even after purchase. An innovative mechanical locking system allows the rider to replace both the front and rear inserts and the visor in just a few easy steps. The outer shell is both lightweight and resistant thanks to its polycarbonate in-moulding design.

The KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM has been enhanced with additional rear ventilation slots for improved breathability and internal temperature regulation. The hand-stitched genuine leather chinstrap retains the five attachment points for a more stable fit.

The new liner, with improved comfort and breathability, is made of soft material made from environmentally friendly raw materials. It can still be removed and washed by hand or machine at 30°. You can personalize your unique helmet with beautiful freehand airbrushing or other techniques.

CROMO 2.0 is equipped with an integrated microchip, positioned under the front insert, on which you can upload the rider's health data using the KEP App. In the event of an emergency, this can help provide first aid more quickly.

The Cromo 2.0 has a special Cromo 2.0 liner.

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The first equestrian helmet with integrated IoT technology.

CROMO 2.0 can increase the efficiency of first aid procedures thanks to an integrated NFC device, stitched on the shell, linked to a KEP App where the client can upload personal and health information. All data is available with simple steps, just point the helmet with a cell phone. Internet connection is not required.

The visor can be easily removed and changed by the customer who can switch from jumping to polo, from jockey to cross with great facilities. Front and back panels can be removed and replaced by the rider to take advantage of unlimited personalization

  • The front and back panels can be customized/replaced by the retailer/consumer themselves.
  • The flap can be replaced, customized or removed by the retailer/consumer themselves.
  • The NFC Chip under the front panel; here the rider can put his medical data with the KEP App.
  • Chin strap handmade and made of leather.
  • Inner lining even more comfortable and made of eco-green material.
  • New KEP Italia protection bag with leather KEP logo.
  • 100% made in Italy.
  • Equestrian certification EU VG1 EN1384:2017 SEI ASTM F1163 IC MARK VG1
  • Multisport certification CE EN 1078 CPSC 1203 (for the E-Bike, Kick Scooter, Skateboard, Electric Step).
  • Weight: 500 g size M - 535 g size L

Kep App downloadable in the app store.

The KEP Italia sizing system consists of 2 different shells which are suitable for the different liner sizes, below you can see which liner sizes fit the different KEP Italia shells.

  • Scale M is suitable for a liner size 51 up to and including 58 
  • Scale L is suitable for a liner size 59 up to and including 62

The Cromo 2.0 has a special Cromo 2.0 liner.

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Brand KEP Italia
Colour Black
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