LeMieux Fly Rug Shower Tek

The LeMieux Fly Rug Shower Tek is an innovative hybrid rug, ideal for unpredictable weather conditions.
A durable and waterproof top layer protects the back from rain and UV rays from the sun. A lightweight micro-mesh material provides a barrier against flies and insects and promotes air circulation.
The extended belly flap maximizes protection and features a 3-way closure with removable center strap that allows the blanket to self-right. The registered front closure distributes pressure to prevent friction on the shoulder and chest.
A two-piece, patented skirt design provides a break in hem and relieves tension, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

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LeMieux Vliegendeken Shower Tek
  • Hybrid fly rug with UV protection
  • Waterproof top side
  • Breathable mesh underside
  • Self-aligning 3-way belly closure
  • Independent Skirt design
  • Detachable neck included
  • Anti-bacterial lining
  • Long tail flap with elastic for around the tail
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Brand LeMieux
Rug type Fly rug
Colour Grey
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