Pavo Healthy Treats

Pavo Healthy Treats are healthy and tasty treats which you give as a reward to your horse or pony. A tasty extra to spoil your horse, for example after riding or as an interim reward for ground work and freedom dressage.

Most horse treats are tasty, but contain - just like candy for humans - often unhealthy ingredients, such as lots of sugar and grains. Of course you would rather not have that for your horse. Our Pavo Healthy Treats are therefore not called 'healthy' for nothing: they are very tasty and made of 100% pure natural ingredients, without grains and without artificial additives. Because of the natural origin, the sugar and starch content is very low, so that you can safely pamper all types of horses and ponies with a tasty Pavo Healthy Treat! Even if your horse is allowed as little sugar as possible because of problems with the metabolism or overweight, this is a safe reward.

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Pavo Healthy Treats
  • Healthy reward
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial additives
  • Grain-free
  • Very low sugar/starch content
  • Delicious
  • As a healthy reward for after or during training
  • Ideal as a reward pellet in free dressage
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies
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Brand Pavo
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