Phytonics Respiration support 500g

Phytonics Respiration support contributes to healthy airways. The product helps provide relief to the airways and has a soothing effect. In case of mucus, the product can also be given. 

1-2x daily 1 scoop for a horse and 2/3 scoop for a pony. 

Respiration support can be given over the feed. Moisten (in case of dry feed) the feed so that it cannot be blown out of the feeder. 

Duration of treatment:
The product can be given permanently. When there is improvement a maintenance dosage can be given. A maintenance dosage is half of the mentioned dosage.

During pregnancy and lactation always discuss the treatment with your veterinarian.

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Ingredients: Birch, Chaga, Common Thyme, Gentian, Ginger, Cocksucker, Hedgehog, Hyssop, Icelandic Moss, Lungwort, Myrthe, Olive Tree, Red Sunflower, Sage, Elder, Wonder Tree, Black Pepper. L-Cysteine, Himalayan Salt.

  • Soothing effect on the airways
  • Increases the resistance of the airways
  • Good for the lungs
  • With mucus
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