QHP Grazemuzzle with nostrils

Grass mask with nostrils from QHP. A grass mask makes sure that the horse takes in less grass. This is ideal for horses with for example insulin resistance or overweight. This grass mask has notches in the front so that the nostrils can move freely. The grazing mask is fitted with a ring to which a halter rope can be attached.

This grazing mask is adjustable at the head piece and at the leathers. The head piece is equipped with soft padding. The grazing mask has a Velcro closure at the head piece. This closure opens when there is a lot of pressure, so that the horse does not get stuck. The grazing mask is provided with a snap fastener at the throat strap.

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  • Grazing mask with nostrils
  • Helps the horse to ingest less grass
  • Ideal for horses with insulin resistance or overweight
  • Frontal cutouts
  • Nose wings can move freely
  • Equipped with a ring to which a halter rope can be attached
  • Adjustable headpiece and cheekpiece
  • Headpiece with soft padding
  • Velcro fastening at headpiece
  • Velcro fastener opens under pressure to prevent the horse from getting stuck
  • Musket buckle at the throat strap
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Brand QHP
Colour Black
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