Quick Knot Deluxe XL

The Quick Knot Deluxe have 3 arms so it stays even better in the mane and is made of a firmer material so the Quick Knot Deluxe can be used more often.

The Quick Knot is an unique product which makes plaiting very easy. The Quick Knot is a metal clip which can be pinned through the knot and then fold around it to keep it in place. This makes needle and threat unnecessary the rubber bands are only there to make the braid. The Quick Knot saves a lot of time while plaiting and gives a very nice result.

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Quick Knot Deluxe XL

35 pins per package

This is how the Quick Knot works:

  • Braid the mane and tie them with a rubber band
  • Roll the braind into a knot
  • Pin the Quick Knot through the knot
  • Make sure the pin goes straight through the knot
  • Fold the pin around the knot
  • To take the Quick Knot out unfold the pin
  • Pull it out above the knot.

The Quick Knot is available in 3 colours brown, black and white. The quick knot is also available in two sizes, the standard size and the XL version which is for thick or longer mane so for the bigger knots.

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Brand Quick Knot
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