BR Equestrian Equipment has grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world. The safe practice of equestrian sports requires good equipment for both rider and horse. With the focus on making stylish products of good quality at the right price, BR® offers stylish designs with an eye for detail, material, fit and functionality, fitting within the trends and developments in the market.
BR® offers a wide range of equestrian products. We are known for our tendon guards, saddle pads, riding helmets, blankets, bridles and clothing collections. Twice a year BR releases a seasonal collection of clothing and horse items. In addition, there is a wide range that includes leatherwork, bits, grooming products, competition clothing, footwear and sheepskin items.

A coat is one of the most important garments in equestrian sports, the coat is often the first to come into contact with water, dust or cold. At HypoStore are quality coats for sale at a competitive price. The coats protect very well against the elements and are of good, tested quality.
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