Samshield 2.0 Cap black Shadowmatt

This helmet is the result of 4 years of research and development. Designed to meet the demands of riders, it offers an optimal fit, unprecedented comfort and optimized airflow, while still meeting current safety standards.

This helmet is made from the most modern materials, allowing riders to enjoy their sport to the fullest and without restrictions.

The 2.0 cap uses special 2.0 liners.

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SS 2.0 Zwrt SM

The Samshield 2.0 size system consists of 4 different scales which are suitable for different sizes of liner, below you can see which sizes of liner fit the different Samshield 2.0 scales.

  • Samshield cap shell S is suitable for a liner from size 52 to 56
  • Samshield cap shell M is suitable for a liner/lining from size 55 to 58
  • Samshield cap shell L is suitable for a liner/liner of size 57 through 61
  • Samshield cap shell XL is suitable for a liner/liner of size 61 through 64


Shell size S M L XL
Liner size 52 - 53 - 54 - 55S - 56S 55M- 56M - 57M - 58M 57L - 58L - 59 - 60 - 61L 61XL - 62 - 63 - 64


  • The 2.0 cap uses special 2.0 liners
  • Size 55 and 56 are available for both an S scale and an M scale.
  • Size 57 and 58 are available for both an M scale and an L scale.
  • Size 61 is available for both an L scale and an XL scale.
  • The 1.0 liners do NOT fit the 2.0 caps.

This helmet is made of the most modern materials so that riders can enjoy their sport optimally and without restrictions:

  • Materials of very high quality - polycarbonate, the material used for elite motorcycle helmets
  • Scratch-resistant lacquer
  • Optimal airflow thanks to the unique 6-point ventilation system.
  • Perfect fit: new integrated chin strap that adapts to all hairstyles, including the rider's bun.
  • Perfect fit thanks to the memory foam/liner, which guarantees a constant thickness over years of use.
  • The chin strap eliminates any risk of the helmet falling over during violent movements.
  • The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density to better dissipate the energy released upon impact.
  • This inner lining is removable with a clip system similar to that of the 1.0 helmet and much more robust than the Velcro system.
  • The liner can be washed as often as you want (max. 30°C), so you can always wear a clean, hygienic helmet.
  • The new finish allows you to add 300 Swarovski crystals to the contours of the helmet, even in areas where there is airflow.
  • This cap can also be customized to your taste.
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Brand Samshield
Colour Black
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