Zandona Therapeutic Air Rug

The "THERAPEUTIC AIR blanket" is an innovative magnetotherapy horse blanket designed for maximum well-being and comfort for the horse.

It is made of highly breathable 3D Air-Mesh and equipped with 32 powerful magnets made of a strong magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with a Nickel coating, each with a strength of 2600 Gauss. These are strategically distributed in the lumbar-dorsal area, along the spine and on the shoulders.

This blanket can be used alone or under any winter blanket, offering maximum versatility in use. It is ideal for preparing the horse for training or competition and for accelerating the recovery processes after intensive training.

100% Made in Italy, thanks to its effectiveness and quality it is highly appreciated by some of the most prestigious champions in equestrian sports.


  • Stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins and regenerates processes 
  • Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Helps the horse relax, promotes its psychological and physical well-being
  • Increases comfort and helps reduce stress during travel
  • Prepares the horse for efforts, improves performance


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  • Analgesic effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increase of microcirculation in cartilage
  • Acceleration of the absorption process of lactic acid
  • Acceleration of the elimination process of toxins
  • Acceleration of the osteogenesis process
  • Acceleration of cellular processes

S = 135cm
M = 150cm
L = 165cm


Premise: an inflammatory process reduces blood circulation and thus oxygen supply to the cells, weakening the whole body and causing cellular acidosis and subsequent pH changes. Body pH affects all pro-inflammatory processes, bacterial gut flora, etc. THERAPEUTIC AIR RUG therefore causes:
- Increased Blood Circulation ' Increased Oxygenation ' Cellular Acidosis Reduction ' pH Recovery ' Bone Remineralization;
- pH Restoration ' Reduction of Inflammatory Processes + Intestinal Bacterial Flora Rebalancing + Strengthening of the Immune System;
- Lowering blood pressure ' Calming effect.


    Muscles, tendons, cartilage injuries;
    Ligament inflammation;
    Bone fractures;


- Accustom the horse with gradual sessions of use, as it may experience a sensation of tickling at first due to increased local blood flow. For the first few uses, it is therefore advisable to monitor the horse to avoid injuring the magnetic devices;
- Can be used on horses of all ages and sexes, permanently at rest if necessary;
- Only wear at rest, when the horse is cold, to avoid possible nuisances that might irritate his behavior;
- Not suitable for use in the paddock or for dynamic a

- In the presence of injuries, do not use in the acute phase (first 5 days);
- Do not use in the presence of visible bruises, open wounds, bleeding, injuries, etc.



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Brand Zandona
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