Cavalor Pianissimo 20kg

Cavalor Pianissimo has been developed for ‘hot’, excitable horses, horses prone to stress or that require extra
down time (box rest).
Stress-prone horses are often difficult to ride and don’t perform as well. Usually, to avoid giving nervous horses too
much energy, less concentrates are provided. As a result, these horses often have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
This oat-free mix contains all the nutritional components required for a complete and balanced diet. What’s more, it
contains low protein content, extra magnesium and tryptophan.

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Oat-free: Oats are known as the grain for horses. That means they are also easily digestible and rich in sugars and
starch, giving horses a tremendous amount of energy. However, stress-prone horses can have an adverse reaction to
this. Cavalor Pianissimo contains no oats and is relatively low in energy.
Magnesium: Magnesium has a soothing effect and helps muscles relax.
L-Tryptophan: tryptophan stimulates serotonin, an anti-stress hormone naturally produced by the body.
Florastimul: Florastimul is a prebiotic only used by benign bacteria and that stimulates their development. Florastimul
strengthens healthy intestinal flora.
Omega 3 plus: In addition to a shiny coat, these omega 3 fatty acids have many other beneficial effects that go
towards supporting the overall fitness of your horse.
Cavalor Calmix: herbal mix based on, among others, linden for a soothing effect.

The amount of Cavalor Pianissimo depends on the level of performance:
Maintenance Max. 400 g/100 kg LG
Light work Max. 500 g/100 kg LG
Moderate work Max. 650 g/100 kg LG

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