Help your mare during her oestrus cycle with NAF Oestress

Do you have a mare who is very annoying during her seasons? Think of being grumpy, flirtatious towards other horses, kicking at the leg and just moody. NAF Oestress can support your mare in her mood swings caused by the oestrus cycle.  NAF Oestress supports the hormonal cycle by targeting the root causes of the mare's mood swings because of the use of natural ingredients. NAF Oestress comes in a powder and liquid form.

But where does the fickleness come from?
Some mares can be very affected by hormonal fluctuations because they are close to nature. They show then very exaggerated reactions. If we look at the mare's anatomy, we can see that the ovaries are located just behind the saddle. If they are painful or swollen, then (the weight of) the saddle and the rider have an influence on the oestrus. The mare then has difficulty in lowering the hind leg and in longitudinal flexion.

Unpredictable behaviour
With some mares you do not notice at all that they are bothered by their hormones, with others their character changes completely. How does this irritability manifest itself in a mare during seasons? Some mares are aggressive towards other horses, others show 'flirtatious' behaviour when other horses are around. Often the mare is moody and sensitive to touch (for example when brushing, saddling or when you give her leg while riding). She finds it particularly annoying when you title the girth. Biting, bucking and tail waving can be a consequence of being in season, both in handling and in riding. She is also more easily distracted and can be lethargic. Your mare is clearly not feeling well and that can get in the way of a good co-operation.

Natural support
Oestress is composed of extracts of plant ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to support the hormonal balance. This allows the mare to relax, feel more comfortable and concentrate on her work. Oestress, for example, contains organic magnesium to support anxiety and muscle tension in mares with hormone fluctuations. Oestress is also rich in natural and antioxidant nutrients that promote the elimination of toxins.

A finer cooperation
Good planning, management and the right ration will help your mare through the periods of oestrus, resulting in more (mental and physical) relaxation, more pleasant handling and riding, less stimulation, more focus and therefore a better cooperation and performance for you and your horse. NAF Oestress is a natural alternative to veterinary medicines and can be given throughout the year, also during competitions.

How NAF Oestress helped the mare of Ryan van der Veeken
The dark bay mare Kiwi TC, owned by Ryan van der Veeken, is a real beauty. "She is very chic and talented, and super sweet as well. Kiwi is a real mare: very sensitive and easily irritated. She wants to be treated like a princess and we love to do that."

Irritated quickly
Ryan laughs a little at his beauty's diva behaviour. "You have to treat her with sensitivity and not want something from her 'quickly'. She wants to be held in her own esteem." The rider explains that the Dream Boy daughter is rather easily offended when she is during her season. "Waving her tail, putting her ears on her neck, biting while brushing her... She can't tolerate anything on her skin, she hates brushing and you shouldn't touch her legs. Something like a fly on her skin already irritates her!

A very sensitive back
Kiwi has very sensitive back muscles and this is reinforced by her being during her season, says Ryan. "It was a struggle to get her a saddle that was comfortable for her. But the biggest gain for us is that I discovered NAF Oestress. Since I started giving her that, she has become a lot more relaxed. It makes her nicer to handle and she is much easier to ride. I especially like the fact that you can see that she is much more comfortable in her own skin.

She is much more relaxed
Ryan got Kiwi when he was 13 years old. "She was my first horse, and she was just saddle-broken when she came to us. Now, four years later, we have really become a combination, also thanks to NAF Oestress, which makes her more relaxed and takes away the sharp edges during her season. We can continue our training in peace. She is now ready for the Z level; in May I want to make my debut in that class.

Support during her season
Kiwi TC is not the only one who benefits from Five Star Oestress, the main NAF product for mares in need of support during oestrus. All owners like Ryan have their own story, with one similarity: they see and notice the change in their horse's behaviour, making them work better together and improving performance.