Bucas Power Turnout Medium

The Power Turnout Medium outdoor rug made of high-tech materials! The insulating properties and the extremely strong outer fabric of ballistic nylon make this rug very strong, which is why Bucas offers a 3-year warranty on this top rug!

This version of the Bucas Power Turnout Medium has a stay-dry fleece lining so that moisture can be removed quickly. In addition, the Power Turnout Medium has a 150 gram filling. This makes this rug suitable for temperatures up to -15 degrees!

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Bucas Power Turnout Eigenschappen

The Bucas Power Turnout Medium is the most advanced rug of Bucas so far and a very good investment as this rug comes with 3 years warranty!

Furthermore, this rug is equipped with a special stay-dry fleece lining, in addition, the rug has an insulating 150 grams lining and reflective aluminium coating to retain the heat. This makes this rug as warm as a regular thick winter rug and yet this rug can also be used in higher temperatures up to 14 degrees because the heat in these weather conditions can be discharged quickly.

The Bucas Power Turnout Medium can optionally be extended with the Bucas Quilt underblanket, this blanket has an extra wool filling of 150 or 300 grams.


  • Click'n Go closing system
  • 150 gram lining
  • Overlapping comfortable front
  • Shoulder pleats for a perfect fit
  • Ballistic nylon outer for ultimate durability
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Heat-reflective aluminium coating reflects body heat to keep your horse warm
  • Stay-Dry lining absorbs moisture and keeps your horse dry at all times
  • Anti-bacterial lining to protect your horse and keep the rug fresh
  • Silk-feel lining of the shoulder sections
  • Reflective strips on tail flap and front corners
  • Elastic leg girths
  • Attachment points for a Combi-Neck

* Standard the rug comes with 2 years warranty, 1 year extra warranty can be requested at Bucas. See the website of Bucas and the information that comes with the rug.

Bucas Power Turnout Temperature

More Information
Brand Bucas
Weight 150 gr. and fleece
Rug type Winter rugs
Colour Silver
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